"Building stronger families one child + one mother at a time"


                           A Youth & Adult development service that addresses                               the needs of homeless children & their mothers


                                    Each Joshua’s Home creates a family and home environment rather than institutional.                                       In addition to basic residential care, Joshua’s Homes provides the following programs:

Mother’s Caring For Mother’s Children Program

Joshua’s Home, Inc. Initiated a new childcare program for a new age. This program proposes to keep more babies and preschool age children in their own mother’s care rather than be raised by disabled grandparents or foster care people. The cost of childcare can prohibit a single mother from having enough money from her paycheck to make ends meet. Joshua’s Home is an answer. Work contracts are sought with childcare and early education centers. They hire our mothers certified in daycare for less than normal pay in exchange for allowing her to have her child with her in the group of children she has been hired to care for. Having financial flow from caring for working mothers' children, our mothers can save for a home of their own.                                                Win/Win/Win whichever angle you look at it!

 Mother’s Care In Child Care Program 

Once in a home of their own, our mothers can continue their education toward 2 & 4 yr  college degrees in Pre-school & Daycare.  The mothers are encouraged to eventually own their own Pre-school centers!    

Work Therapy

Mothers are assisted with work therapy where they seek local/part/ full/ or temporary employment. Any job search agents/agencies and employment services from the community are utilized. Job search via the internet, individuals, and our partners are also available. Further yet, we seek work contracts with seasonal featured events to contribute to the cost of the program.  

Continual Education and Vocational Training

G.E.D., vocational, and college classes are offered. Grants and scholarships are sought out and applied for with the assistance of volunteer guidance counselors and career facilitators from local schools and non-profit career training centers such as "Nubian Directions” or “One Stop Career Centers”.

Job readiness

Assistance is given for resume writing, dressing for success, communication and interview skills. We establish relationships with job staffing agencies and employment services. “Dress for Success” sponsors the attire, hair, nail, and make-up part of this program. Pre-employment training includes basic computer skills. Job search via the internet, individuals, and our partners are also available.

Financial Management

Mothers are shown the organizational skill of different banking accounts, record keeping and budgets. Individual banking accounts are opened with mandatory savings toward security & utility deposits for a place of their own. We have found bank employees and even their presidents more than willing to come into the home to accomplish this! We connect with the community every step of the way.

Counseling Therapy 

Extensive individual, group, and family therapy is scheduled six days a week in the house. In addition, it is understood that the qualified (lead parent) counselor living in the home is available as needed. Workbooks and study materials such as Healing The Heart, Healing Damaged Emotions are part of the Program. Referrals to outside counseling agencies are offered as well. 

Recreational Activity as Therapy

A calendar event is scheduled a minimum of 4x/year for field trips .These include but are not limited to: theme parks, campsites, state capitols, and state attractions. Once a week sport activity is contracted with a local fitness facility / YMCA or YWCA / Girls and Boys Club/dance lessons studio/ or sports teams who participate with our program. Sports team coaches from the neighborhood are encouraged to form a team from our own residents as well. Fitness coaches are welcome from the neighborhood. We encourage pursuits in outdoors and indoors games and sports like horsemanship, hike, bike, caving, mountain climbing, camping. These are proven methods of teaching trust, relationship building and resolve conflict. A volunteer van/bus driver is also recruited from the community for exercise events taking place off the property.

Nutrition / Diet/ Health course

Our founder’s knowledge of nutrition is taught as a short course as our family lives out and practices it. In addition, dieticians / nutrition/ and health specialists are welcome to teach classes or bring information of their own products and research.

Needs Assessment

Systematic determination of child, parent, and family merit/need, worthiness and significance to our goals. A 12-month using criteria against a set of standards; childhood and adult mental health evaluation. Comprehensive blended and home evaluations are utilized. Anger, domestic violence, and parental fitness is identified and incorporated into a plan of therapy.

In-Kind and Wrap around Policy

The program’s measure for sustainability is to use resources of existing programs or businesses that are glad to show their charitable giving in other ways than money. Food, clothing, diapers, toys,school supplies, loaned talent, are just a few necessary items we do not have to go without thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

The Assessment Program 

A 12-month program that provides a comprehensive assessment of the residents and secures placement based on the treatment goals and recommendations set during their initial evaluation.

The Genesis Program 

Abstinance education and abstinance is required of all residents while in the program. Residents are mentored in proper dating habits and healthy relationships. Ways we deter child bearing age women from experiencing subsequent unwanted births include:  1. Keeping the responsibility and challenges of parenthood with the mothers. 2. Reveal hidden costs of cohabitation rather than taking the responsibility of committed marriage choices.   3. Equip women to be in devoted relationships. Continue the education of mothers to decrease the statistic of 24% of teen mothers who had a 2nd birth within 2 yrs of the 1st because they did not continue schooling. 

Services include a crisis hotline.

Helping Others in Parenting Environments is a therapeutic program fostering individualized treatment in a safe and loving home setting.

Fatherhood Initiative  in conjunction with our nation's effort to engage fathers in their children's lives-we partner with National Fatherhood Initiative®  who equips our staff with knowledge, skills, and resources. We refer to Men's Iron Sharpens Iron Conventions that are training men to outreach to be a type of a father to children without one and a type of husband to their mothers.

The Family Institute’s purposes to prevent children from entering the welfare system by educating & empowering parents & by assisting communities in providing innovative, quality programs for at-risk children.

The Parenting Academy educating and equipping balanced mothers to capably lead and support the next generation. Fathers are taught to take a responsible role via Fatherhood Initiative educational materials, conferences and courses. Free materials are distributed to the children's fathers and they are encouraged to seek individual plus relational counseling.

Therapy –the bulk of our program. Individual, group, and family therapy is scheduled six days a week. In addition, it is understood that the "house mother" living in the home is available as needed.

Learning Center. Curriculum, workbooks, and assigned course materials are quietly worked on 3 hours a day. Basic computer skills are taught. GED and Technical training is sought from the community. Certificates from weekend courses in Home Health Aid or short courses in Child Care, medical billing, ultrasound or such is sought from community colleges.

Library. Houses all educational materials: audios, videos, books, etc.

School Office. Aids, administers, and meets critical needs of individual mothers and of the Home.

Business Office. Ensures funds flow and are well managed to support the operation of the Home.

Kitchen, Dining room and Living Room. Space designed for spending quality time together. Responsibility for these are scheduled and shared.

Laundry/ Cleaning/ Maintenance of grounds and property.

Mandatory. Strictly adhered to and shared according to schedule six days a week.

Worship /Chapel Services. Location by choice. Transportation is available.

Graduate Support as Leadership Development 

We dedicate ourselves to be an ongoing family unit, role model, and accessible resource as graduates advance their careers and develop into leaders of their community too. We introduce them to plus encourage them to join volunteer & service corporations such as AmeriCorps , Rotary Club, 4H, Volunteers of America, Big Brothers/Sisters of America, Girlscouts/ Boyscouts and Disaster Relief efforts. 

Collaboration of Partner Agencies 

Joshua’s Home recognizes the power behind coalition. Agencies we can both serve & be served by include : Concerned Women of America,Corporate Voices for Working Families National Human Services Assembly, Alliance For Children & Families, Family Economic Success Projects, Fatherhood Initiative, United Way, Dpts. Of Community Affairs, Job Training Authority, Habitat For Humanity and Family Partnership Centers.


 1. Program Incubation:

  2. Community Building:

         3. Research and evaluation:

4. Fiscal Sponsorship:

Based on city consolidation plans and statistics, we identify communities that are in need.

Community wide forums on such issues as

abandoned and vacant properties, homelessness, affordable housing,crime, domestic abuse, runaway youth, mental illness,substance abuse, suicide, etc.

We conduct a full range of research,evaluation, and assessment services to local non-rofit, foundations, public agencies, and other community-based


Joshua’s Home acts as fiscal agent for other

individuals and coalitions who provide valuable services, which are not available through community resources.

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