"Building stronger families one child + one mother at a time"


Who Are We?


Joshua’s Home is a non-profit community wellness system dedicated to empowering the next generation by building strong families units where there is brokenness. Joshua’s Home organization is an opportunity to engage in meaningful social work & community building developed around the relevant issues eroding family units today. Our commitment is to genuinely plant roots so deep that can’t be uprooted in fatherless children and their mothers. Orphans and widows are most vulnerable to the inequities of society if their needs are not met. Family is a building block of society. Mothers and fathers are, historically, the foundation to family. Consider the meaning of “father”: “protector”/ “provider”. Mothers “nurture”/ “mature”. What are we to expect a child to become without either one; a provider or a nurturer? This homeless population is the most vulnerable.


 Joshua’s Home was founded in 2007. Following the tragic drowning accident of her only son " Joshua", Dr. Mary Campilii was burdened with the concern of other children and their single

parent.  With doctorates in both health and ministry, the founder already knew how hostile society had become to the very values upon which it was founded, that is; family.         Dr. Campilii would have to, first of all; connect both the individuals and agencies of the community to this population who suffer alone. Second, she would have to equip and educate volunteers for effective battle. Moreover, she had to get commitments to provide the continuum of housing/psychosocial therapy/health/education/and employment programs needed to empower this underserved population. This concern was taken from the streets into her own private home at start. In 2008 , “Joshua’s Home " had a seperate location for the first time  in a 3 family house operating as a home for homeless (and some, addicts or mentally ill) mothers and children in New Britain, Ct. Owned by  Roslyn Crossdale,this Joshua’s Home has helped over 300 women and children since 2008. In 2016, Dr.Campilii donated a 4 family house in Wappingers Falls,NY . Since, Joshua's Home Inc. has been offered houses across the nation to apply for and renovate for the mission! A private donor in South Africa has donated a 30 acre tract of land and the road into the 1st international Joshua's Home is underway!


 “No child left alone nor without a home”.

Home, by definition is a safe place. Ideally, every child should know the security of a family.  

Too often single mothers lose the struggle of working multiple jobs and leaving their child alone. The end results in the loss of both the child and home. To prevent this and other social ills; we outreach by providing houses with a continuum of behavioral, health, housing, job, and education services. 100 years from now, it will not matter how much we accumulated but what difference we made in the life of a child.

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